Unexpected Rubber Contact Danger

20 Apr 2012Steve Schwarz

In almost all regards rubber coated contacts are “a good thing”TM. The most common “danger” about them is to the people moving them. Rubber adds considerable additional weight to the equipment. Aluminum and composite aluminum skins can help bring the weight down compared to plywood (especially marine/exterior grade plywood). But there is one thing I didn’t think of when I put rubber on my A Frame:

Close up of A Frame showing pine needles embedded

That photo shows dried pine needles caught in the rubber matrix on my A Frame. Considering my yard is ringed with pine trees no matter where I put it my A Frame always has hard, sharp pine needles sticking up out of the rubber.

It takes a while to get them out too. I’ve used a shop vac, leaf blower, scrub brush, broom, hose, pounding on the back side and no matter what I do it still takes a while to manually pick the remaining ones out. The last thing I need is to have one of our dogs drive a hard pine needle into his paw while running the A Frame.

So it looks like I need to put my Contact Cozies on all year long:

A Frame With Cozy

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