Wisconsin-Illinois Agility Group (WAG)

20 Nov 2004Steve Schwarz

The Wisconsin-Illinois Agility Group (WAG) is a club that runs a facility near the Illinois-Wisconsin border in Spring Grove, Illinois. They offer Agility classes in a nice heated, air conditioned and fully matted building. The matting is at least 3/8 of an inch thick and maybe as much as 1/2 inch thick.

The also hold almost monthly UKC trials including double trials (two trials in a single day). They will be holding AKC trials in the near future. Consequently, in addition to a full set of AKC equipment they also have a full set of UKC equipment. Both types of equipment are available during ring rental. The WAG group also hosts Fun Matches with nested courses of both UKC and AKC equipment at Novice and Excellent levels.

Although it is a one drive from Chicago each way this is a great facility to rent, especially if you’ll be trialing there someday. Check out the WI-IL Agility Group website for directions, class, and rental information.

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