Jump Wrap/Wrap

24 Jan 2006Steve Schwarz

The term Jump Wrap or Wrap is used to describe both a handling maneuver and an obstacle sequence. It involves sending the dog over a jump and turning the dog tightly around the jump upright. So you’ll hear this term used as “She wrapped her dog around jump 2” and “the course is two jumps in a row wrapping jump 2”.

I’ve only heard this term applied to “Overs” with uprights or frames including: basic jumps, wing jumps, panel jumps, double jumps, and tire jumps. I guess it could be applied to a triple jump but it wouldn’t be very “nice” of the judge (since the dog is usually running/jumping at full extension to get over the triple it is harder on the dog to turn tightly upon landing).

The diagram on the left below shows a Jump Wrap within a course sequence. The diagram on the right shows the dog’s path wrapping in either direction around the jump.

Jump Wrap at Obstacle 2

Jump Wrap Sequence 1Jump Wrap Sequence 2

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