Post Turn/Shoulder Pull/Pivot Turn

27 Jan 2006Steve Schwarz

The Post Turn, Shoulder Pull, or Pivot Turn is one of the basic agility handling maneuvers. The Post Turn is used to turn a dog with the dog staying on the same side of the handler throughout the turn. The handler remains in primarily the same location on the course but rotates (pivots) about that location.

The Post Turn may be used to turn a dog On The Flat or through a series of jumps. The Post Turn is one technique that can be used in handling 90, 180, and 270 Mr Peabody in UKC Bloodlines MagazineHandling 270 Degree Jump SequencesBack Side Entry to 270/Training Opportunity - Video270 Degree Jump Sequence degree jump layouts, as well as Pin Wheels. Each of these scenarios are shown in diagrams below, where the little handler stays in one location and his arm is shown in multiple locations as he turns through the maneuver.

Post Turn 90Post Turn 180
Post Turn 90 DegreesPost Turn 180 Degrees
Post Turn 270Post Turn Pin Wheel
Post Turn 270 DegreesPost Turn PinWheel Degrees

Of course trainers and handlers don’t always stay in exactly the same position as they rotate. Depending on the obstacle layout, the handlers may take a couple steps as they rotate the dog around them.

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