Contact Frost Warning!

03 Nov 2007Steve Schwarz

As the weather turns colder here in the Midwest we are seeing temperatures dropping below freezing overnight. I was at agility class bright and early this morning and the contacts all had a coating of frost on them. In spite of warnings by the instructor and myself some over eager students were still taking their dogs over the contacts before the sun had melted the frost. Luckily there were no injuries but a few dogs couldn’t get up the A Frame…

I’ve been through rehab twice with Milo and the last thing I’m going to do is risk injuring a dog from a slip off a contact when it can be easily avoided. So when it was Meeker’s turn I just took him around the contacts. It was good practice to have him focus on me and not take the obstacles unless I asked him to. By the end of class the ice was melted and I could send him on the contacts safely.

So use your common sense this time of year and don’t risk injuring your dog on an icy contact.

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