Snippet: Rear Cross Into Contact/Tunnel Discrimination

30 Mar 2009Steve Schwarz

There was a Fun Run at For Your Canine today and it uncovered another “snippet” that Meeker and I need to work on. Lisa B had set out the obstacles and I dropped the cones for Novice and Advanced level nested courses; so I guess I only have myself to blame. Here is the section of interest:

With Meeker I handled the opening with him on my right all the way to the dog walk. The 1-2-3 single sided Serpentine Serpentine Handling TechniquesSerpentine Sequence was fine and he read my deceleration cue for the the turn into the weaves nicely. I hesitated at the weave exit to be certain he’d turn with me to jump 5. Then I couldn’t get a clean Front Cross Learning the Front Cross - VideoFront Cross after jump 6 so I Rear Crossed Learning the Rear CrossRear Cross. But I kept leaving my left arm out and driving forward so he always took the tunnel. Then even when I fixed my handling he was sure that was the correct obstacle so it took me at least three tries to get him up the dog walk.

Interestingly, Milo was opposite of Meeker in this subsequence. He just builds up speed and he rarely reads my deceleration as a turning cue so he took jump 3 with full extension and landed halfway to the dog walk. But when it came time to Rear Cross to the dog walk he didn’t even hesitate.

So another one to practice once the backyard dries out…

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