Snippet: Rear Cross to On Side Weave Entrance

10 Nov 2009Steve Schwarz

Dana Pike's course tonight uncovered an area where Meeker and I need some more practice. This snippet is about Rear Croses Learning the Rear CrossRear Cross on the approach to an On Side Weave Entrance. Meeker is very solid on his weave entries even for the typically more difficult On Side entries.

Rear Cross to On Side Weave Entry

The sequence above can be handled a couple ways with the dog on the handler’s right or left going in to the weaves. When Meeker was on my right side coming out of the tunnel and I chose to Rear Cross the approach to the weaves he would enter at the second pole as shown in red below.

My Locations for Success and Failure of Meeker's Weave Entry

Interestingly, if I stayed significantly back and didn’t move forward, as shown in green, Meeker would enter correctly. So my motion forward, even at a distance, would push him of the correct entry. I also played a little with over emphasizing (shaping) the Rear Cross but Meeker wouldn’t come into me, he “knew” he was supposed to weave, but my location still pushed him off the entrance.

Another interesting thing is we had just worked on a Serpentine Serpentine Handling TechniquesSerpentine Sequence with a 90 degree weave entry as the final obstacle this morning and he was getting it just fine when I Rear Crossed. I think the differences were: he was really amped up at class and I was further back. At home I can’t get him as jazzed up and I was ahead after the jump and very close to the weaves. So there is a combination of things going on out of which I’ll have to tease the factors that cause him to miss in this scenario.

So Meeker and I will now have to work on this scenario so he will be comfortable with me near him on these weave approaches.

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