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30 Sep 2010Steve Schwarz

Here are a couple interesting sequences for working on weave entrance and exit courses I threw together for my classes at For Your Canine. These courses work On and Off Side Weave Entries, Jump Wraps Jump Wrap Handling TipsJump Wrap Handling - With VideoJump Wrap/Wrap, Front Crosses Learning the Front Cross - VideoFront Cross at the weave entrances, and Rear Crosses Learning the Rear CrossRear Cross at both the entrance and exits of the weaves. The first sequence is a good warm up. The second sequence is more challenging. Of course changing to 12 weave poles changes the difficulty…

Sequence 1

Sequence 1

Handling Notes

Handling Sequence 1

Some handling notes:

  • You could Lead Out. Although running with your dog on your right and using a Post Turn/Shoulder Pull Learning the Post TurnPost Turn/Shoulder Pull/Pivot Turn to pull your dog to the correct tunnel side is straight forward.
  • From the tunnel cue the Jump Wrap before the dog commits to the jump so you get a nice tight jump wrap. The dog should be landing already turning.
  • Drive on the green line to the weaves.
  • The Front Cross and Post Turn/Shoulder Pull was the best solution to get the dog over jump 7.
  • A Post Turn/Shoulder Pull to the weave entrance worked nicely. Some handlers ran to a Front Cross on the weave entry and handled the weave on their right. Can your team do that?
  • From the weaves, if you follow the blue line, you can push on the last pole and then Rear Cross to turn the dog over jump 11.
  • 12-13-14 is a straight forward Serpentine Serpentine Handling TechniquesSerpentine Sequence. Some dogs were driven by their handlers to the off course jump 4!

Sequence 2

Sequence 2

Handling Notes

Sequence 2 Handling

This is the reverse of sequence 1. Some handling notes:

  • Opening is easy. Decelerate and Shoulder Pull/Post Turn for the 180 degree weave entry with the dog on your left(blue). Or you can Front Cross and handle with your dog on your right(green line).
  • Blue line - push on the last pole! Then Rear Cross the approach to jump 6 and push to the tunnel entrance. No time for indecision!
  • Green line is easy as long as you got your weave entrance w/o sending the dog into the tunnel :^)

More Handling Notes

Sequence 2 Handling
  • Coming out of the tunnel the only option is to Front Cross Wrap the jump and then Shoulder Pull the dog into the weaves as shown in green.
  • How to get to the correct side of jump 11?
  • Green line - decelerate, pull and then Rear Cross - takes patience and a dog that reads your collection cues.
  • Blue line - drive forward from the weaves. Can you leave your dog in them? Get in position so your dog reads your Front Cross on the landing side. Then Pull your dog around to the front of the jump.
  • Don't open up to the wrong side of the tunnel!

I know some of you set up and run these courses… Please leave me a comment on how you did!

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