WAO 2016 Relay Small Space Weave Entry/Exit Drills

21 May 2016Steve Schwarz

I really enjoyed watching some of the world’s top teams tackling Portuguese judge Jorge Pires’s World Agility Open Team Speedstakes Relay course; especially his very interesting tunnel to weave entrance/exit challenges. I’ve seen the tunnel to “far end” of the weaves and weaves to “far end” of the tunnel challenges in other courses. But in his course there were two tunnels surrounding the weaves and multiple variations of the “far end” challenge. Here’s his course (dimensions in meters):

Here is video on FB of Team USA winning the relay on his course; so much good handling of these challenges (and wonderful dog and handler skills throughout!).

I really liked the challenges and his idea of offsetting the tunnel entrances so one end was past the end of the weaves. That asymmetry meant taking the dog to one end of the tunnel or weaves was more challenging than the other…

So I decided to steal his tunnels/weave setup and create some weave/tunnel entry/exit drills based on it. Here’s the setup (dimensions in feet):

Setup diagram with weaves surrounded by two tunnels parallel to the weave poles

Below I’ve created ten sequences where you can work on On and Off Side Weave Entries, Pushing on the last weave pole, working on either side of the weaves, and all the crosses on both the entry and exit to the weaves. Phew! That’s a lot of options!

As I put in the notes on each sequence, don’t work too many repetitions of these sequences in a session. Weaves are physically demanding for our dogs and it is easy to work a lot of repetitions of the weaves when you only have three obstacles.

I hope you give some of these a try!

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