USDAA Rule Changes Announced

01 Jul 2010Steve Schwarz

The USDAA just announced a number of rules changes that should make competitors happier:

  • Weave poles 22 +/- 2in effective immediately. I'm glad to see USDAA come in line with the other organizations on this.
  • The displaceable tire is now allowed - the parts of the tire must remain suspended in the frame (not fall on or entangle the dog). Separating or displacing the tire is a 5 pt fault. The tire diameter is now 20 +/- 1in.
  • In the 2011 tournament year, the performance titles will be named with performance in their names, Master Performance Dog, Performance Dog Champion, etc.
  • A veterans class will be started in 2011 - details to follow
  • PSJ will have regionals and quarter finals competitions in 2011
  • Also in 2011 - a dog will need to qualify in 2 out of 3 tournaments to enter the finals
It is good to see the USDAA listening to their constituency. The complete announcement is available here.

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