AKC Agility Handler Clothing Clarification

24 Jan 2007Steve Schwarz

The AKC has posted its policy for clothing worn in the agility ring on its website:

Advertising is not allowed in the AKC agility ring on the clothing worn by an exhibitor or ring crew staff, such as, “train at Joe’s Dog School,” or “eat at Joe’s Diner.” Club shirts may be worn. Writing on clothing must not be in poor taste or contain profanity. Clothing must not display the name of a person or a persons’ dog or their titles. If a dog food logo is worn, it must not be in conflict with a sponsor of the trial. A picture of the exhibitors’ dog may be worn.

Judging by discussions on the agility email lists, this brings the agility policy more in line with that for other AKC events.

So much for those AgilityNerd T Shirts I was going to make and trial in :^)

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