Reading Course Maps

19 Mar 2007Steve Schwarz

While working on another project I created a legend for the symbols used on an agility course map. So I decided to post it here for folks just starting out who are trying to figure out all the weird symbols on a course map. I remember when I first started reading Clean Run Magazine it was a little bewildering when I first started looking at course maps. So I hope this helps others starting out in the sport.

Click this link to put the image in its own window for printing. For some browsers/printers you may need to go to your Advanced settings and hide/disable background graphics.
Legend for Agility Course Maps

I created all of the images using Scalable Vector Graphics drawn to scale. I then ran them through the Batik SVG Transcoder to create PNG images. Lastly I used Adobe Fireworks to combine the images into a single JPEG image. The resulting image should fit on a single page when printed for reference.

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