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30 Dec 2014Steve Schwarz

We all want to improve our agility game and we often look to the top handlers and trainers for inspiration. In fact, there are many amazing agility runs you can watch from any of your favorite handlers.

I really love watching Austrian Lisa Frick and her dog Hoss. She inspires me with her athleticism and her own personal handling system - a system that Hoss clearly understands and definitely works for them. Here’s one of my favorite runs of theirs from the 2012 WC Individual large dog jumping (1st place):

I’ve watched that video dozens of times and just love how she pushes forward but still stays connected throughout; and urging Hoss on. And Hoss has all sorts of independent obstacle skills. It is truly inspiring for me.

But there is another video of Lisa and Hoss that is even more inspiring. When I first saw the video I almost cried with joy and it still inspires me every time I watch it. Just recently Jean Emery filled me in on the back story which makes it even more powerful: it is their final run of the 2011 WC and they are 0.21 seconds out of first place and her 3rd world championship:

Wow! Just wow! After that first jump it was “over” - but not for Lisa! She was going to make that run another great experience for Hoss (and herself) and that run will forever be with them… in a POSITIVE WAY! That run makes her a champion to me.

So the next time you see a dog agility video that connects with you: store it away - keep that link. It may be from someone “famous” or it may be one of your runs that lifts your heart and soul. You could even download them to your phone or tablet and watch them before your next event.

Surround yourself with positive people, positive thoughts and watch an inspiring run when you need a lift!

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