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18 Nov 2005Steve Schwarz

Updated: 27-Jun-2008

Here are the Agility email lists to which I subscribe. I’ve put a little comment next each describing why I subscribe. Some I just check periodically or search for specific information so I don’t have any email delivered for them. I’ll update this list as my interests change.

agileBCNo EmailBorder Collie list with lots of brags but some other interesting information. A good way to see what's up with other BC owners.
AgileCoursesIndividual EmailsUnfortunately, a sparsely updated list of trial/seminar courses. I'd love it if more folks would contribute. I usually send an email with a link to any full courses I post to this list.
AgileTeachIndividual EmailsA list for teachers of Agility. Low volume but often high quality discussions.
AgileXIndividual EmailsJust like AgileCourses, a sparsely updated list of training exercises. I'd love it if more folks would contribute. I usually send an email with a link to any Dearlove courses I create to this list.
Agility-AustraliaNo EmailFound this list when emails linked to my site. Good non US view of Agility. Helped me findMarj Kibby's blog.
Agile DogsIndividual EmailsIf not the first, one of the first Agility email lists. Organization independent, but with an AKC bent.
AgilityPoodleNo EmailAnother email linking to my site. Has had good technical discussions among the brags.
AgilityRecordBookIndividual EmailsList for users of Agility Record Book software. Low volume.
AwesomePawsAnnouncementsIndividual EmailsCamp/Seminar announcements for Linda Mecklenburg. Low volume.
AwesomePawsHandlingSystemIndividual EmailsDiscussions of Linda Mecklenburg's handling system. Very high volume. Requires active participation at least once monthly.
AKCagilityIndividual EmailsAKC ONLY discussions. Very low volume some rules discussions.
BaggageAgilityIndividual EmailsRescue agility dog list. Lots of brags but some handling discussions.
CaninePerformanceEventsIndividual EmailsAll about CPE.
CleanRunIndividual EmailsGood list with high signal to noise ratio.
clickerdogsDaily DigestSusan Garrett's list seems dead.
DobeAgilityIndividual EmailsThe Doberman folk tell it like it is from a big dog perspective. Low volume.
DogReadIndividual EmailsDiscussion list for dog book authors. Can be high volume.
Perf-SheltiesSome agility discussions. Low volume.
NADACagilityIndividual EmailsVery high volume discussion of NADAC. Lots of rule discussions lately.
USDAASoundingBoardIndividual EmailsAll about United States Dog Agility Association.

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