Print Blank Courses for Training and Seminars

13 Sep 2010Steve Schwarz

I’m very pleased to announce the release of a new web based agility tool on a new website I’ve put together a simple page that allows you to create blank courses of any size and download them as a PDF: Create a Blank Course.

I tried to make it as easy as possible. Just enter the size of your training facility, back yard, or trial facility. Then choose how many blank diagrams per page and click the button. There are also some other switches you can use to change what is shown on your blank courses.

Can you provide translations?

I’ve built the Agility Courses site to work in multiple languages. I’d love your help if you can translate the couple dozen words and sentences it uses to other languages. Then it can be helpful to agility enthusiasts all around the world. Please contact me if you can help: steve at agilitynerd dot com.

I hope to provide more software tools related to dog agility courses on this site in the future. For now it is in alpha test, so please report any problems or suggestions. I’d love to hear them!

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