Easiest/Most Difficult Dogs to Train

20 Mar 2010Steve Schwarz

Suzanne Clothier answers the "simple questions": "What are the easiest dogs to train? Why? What are the most difficult dogs to train?" in her latest blog posting. As usual Suzanne puts the relationship with and concern for the dog first.
What makes a dog easy or hard to train often has very, very little to do with the dog's age, breed, sex or even upbringing. Fear, feeling unsafe, feeling threatened, being hurt, being bored, confused or unrewarded -- these will always make training difficult. Feeling safe, enjoying the process, kind handling and generous rewards for doing well always make training easier.

I try hard to live up to Suzanne’s belief that we should answer yes to “would you treat someone you love that way?” when it comes to the training decisions we make for our dogs.

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