Play Training: Human "Cavaletti" for Puppies

23 Oct 2011Steve Schwarz

Flyer accompanies me to Meeker's agility class with Dana Pike to interact with people, dogs and to be rewarded for quiet crate behavior. Dana was sitting on the ground and had him tugging on his leash. Then she started having him hop over her legs as he tugged. Flyer loved the game and I realized the benefit of her approach. He very quickly learned how to move his front and rear legs to avoid stepping on her. Even when he was involved in tugging he still payed attention to where his feet were.

I thought this was such a clever little game that I thought I’d shoot a quick video of me playing it with Flyer. You can vary how far apart your legs are, and whether the dog is tugging or chasing a toy/treat to change things up. Don’t forget to work in both directions!

So something else you can add to your puppy play “training” routine. Thanks again Dana!

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