Mr. Peabody - New Food for Lipomas?

29 Jan 2005Steve Schwarz

Well as you heard first hand from Mr. Peabody, he is recovering well and is well down the road to recovery from his surgery. We heard back from Mr. P’s surgeon Dr. Mitch Robbins this week that the biopsy of the tumor showed it was a fatty tumor (a

Lipoma) and wasn't malignant. That was good news.

I took Mr. P to his “GP” Dr. Young at Lincolnwood Animal Hospital

to see about having his stitches removed. Across the 4 inch length of the incision the wound is almost completely closed except for one 1/4 inch section where it looks like the wound pulled slightly open. No doubt due to our inability to keep Mr. P inactive. So we are treating it with Tresaderm and Neo-Predef for a few more days. Mr. P’s Grandma will take him back on Wednesday to have them removed.

Dr. Young mentioned that he has seen dogs with Lipomas show decreased tumor growth when they were switched to low fat diets. Apparently reducing the dog’s fat intake reduces the fat available for tumor growth. Nancy has always had our dogs on premium foods and she scours the Whole Dog Journal and other sources in an effort to feed the dogs the best possible food. I won’t go through their elaborate food preparation - think of feeding time at the zoo. The basic kibble has been Canidae for a number of years now. When Mr. P was doing Flyball and Agility almost every weekend he was getting a Sled Dog food with 35% protein and about 15% fat to help rebuild his muscle. Both Milo and Mr. P have always been in excellent shape and lean (under 40 lbs) at 21.5 inches at the withers.

We’ve been happy with Canidae, it has had a good rating from Whole Dog Journal and other sources. It has 24% protein and 14.5% fat. After some research we settled on Hund-N-Flocken Solid Gold Adult Dog Food 22% protein and 8% fat. There are lower fat “Senior” foods on the market but we still want to keep his protein up high. We’ll also remove his oil supplement.

Since dogs that get one Lipoma tend to get others we’ll see how this lower fat diet does at keeping Mr. P Lipoma free.

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