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02 Dec 2013Steve Schwarz

Due to some recent improvements I thought I’d pass along all the different ways you can get the latest AgilityNerd dog agility info.

Google Plus

To make AgilityNerd like the “cool kids” I’m on some of the social networks and I’ve just added AgilityNerd to GooglePlus. It is so easy to post courses, links, photos, and videos on them that I often post on them first before I write up a blog post.

So to get the “latest, breaking news” visit your favorite social network by clicking on the icons in this blog post or at the top right of every page on the blog.

You can also get an email notification when I add a new article. Just click here to start an email subscription. Once you subscribe you’ll be sent a confirmation email. You have to click a link in the confirmation email to confirm your subscription! (check you spam folder).

However you do it I’m thankful you are following the action here at AgilityNerd!

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