Dearlove Advanced Class - Pin Wheels

20 Sep 2004Steve Schwarz

I designed this practice course so Dearlove’s advanced handlers could work on trying some different handling options for Pin Wheels. There are a lot of numbers on the course but it is basically two Pin Wheels back to back with the dog taking both Pin Wheels in both directions.

Course With Obstacle Numbers

Since the opening is two conjoined Pin Wheels the handling options include whether to front cross from 2-3 or rear cross from 3-4. The layout of obstacles 5-6-7 on the actual field will determine if the handler wants the dog to be on their left or right after jump 5. If it is setup as shown I’d tend to front cross after jump 2 and try to stay on the landing side of jump 5 for the second Pin Wheel.

After the table, it could be a foot race without a good lead out, but I’d consider a front cross on the landing of jump 13 to avoid the off course tunnel and then get in the pocket for 14, 15 and 16. You might even be able to Layer jump 14 when going from jump 11 to jump 12 (stay on the tunnel side of jump 14). I think this will be the most challenging portion of the course.

For another course using the same setup please see this article.

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