NDAL October 2015 Practice Courses

12 Sep 2015Steve Schwarz

Bud asked me to design the October National Dog Agility League course and I came up with a fast Steeplechase style course for a 60 x 60 space. I'm not sharing the actual competition course (yet) but, since trainers whose student's compete in NDAL use these courses as the basis for their class courses, I came up with some Starters/Advanced and Masters Challenge style sequences.

Here’s the obstacle setup:

Here are some sequences that would be appropriate for Starters/Advanced level teams and can be broken into smaller sequences to work on individual skills:

NDAL 2015 October Starters/Advanced Sequences

I came up with these sequences to work on Masters Challenge style challenges:

NDAL 2015 October Masters Challenge Sequences

I hope you try these sequences and your group tries other NDAL courses.

UPDATE: Here's my official Oct 2015 NDAL course.

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