Contact Cozies: Keeping Contacts Safe

07 Apr 2008Steve Schwarz

Here’s my interpretation of the Contact Cozies Steve Stochaj wrote about in his comment on my article about the dangers of frost on contacts. I got the dog footprint fleece on sale at a local fabric store and after many fits and starts got my Mom to cut and stitch them. I think they look pretty good:

A Frame Contact Cozy

A Frame With Cozy

The design is pretty simple the ends are folded over and have sewn corners like a fitted bed sheet. The A Frame cover is one piece and has three straps made of the same material sewn to one edge with Velcro on the other end and on the mating Velcro on main section of the cozy.

Strap with Velcro Detail

A Frame Cozy Velcro Strap

The teeter cozy is the same design, also one piece with sewn corners, and has two straps. The three dog walk cozies are basically the same as the teeter one, but use three straps so they can be used when the up/down planks are either on or off the center section.

Teeter Cozy On and Off

Teeter With CozyTeeter Cozy

Of course now the weather in Chicago just turned dramatically warmer so I’ll probably only use these cozies to keep the pine needles and tree sap off my contacts when I store them under the trees. Those needles are really sharp and you know it if you get one stuck in your hand (don’t think the dogs like it either). In any event now I’m prepared so if it does get frosty overnight I can pull the cozy off the A Frame and get a couple quick running A Frame reps in with Meeker before work.

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