Box/Hobday Box/Jump Box/Jump Square

10 Dec 2005Steve Schwarz

The “Box” is a fairly common course design element. I first read about it years ago in Clean Run Magazine and have heard it called the Hobday box after English dog and agility trainer Ruth Hobday.

Basic Jump Box

Wingless Jump BoxWinged Jump Box

The arrangement of jumps in the Box can be modified just like any other group of obstacles to provide different handling challenges. Obviously the closer together the jumps the greater the off course potential. The box can be stretched, shrunk or have its jumps slightly rotated. Though as the jumps get further from a square some folks will no longer call it a Box.

Modified Jump Boxes

Modified Jump BoxModified Jump Box

I guess using obstacles other than single winged or non-winged jumps is possible but I haven’t heard these arrangements called a Box. The use of double or triple jumps is typically not done either; due to the longer distances normally required by sanctioning organization when approaching these jumps.

The Jump Box is also very useful as a training setup. Here are some drills:

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