Find The Entrance

28 Oct 2004Steve Schwarz

This phrase usually refers to a dog locating the entrance of the Weave Poles. It is usually used in a directive to the handler as in “Let the dog find the entrance”. I’ve heard it said to handlers in two situations:

  • Some novice and not so novice dogs will either skip the first weave pole or pop out after the first or second pole if the handler rushes forward as the dog enters the poles. This is a weave pole training issue. Train the entries enough and the dog will learn to “find the entrance” to the poles from every angle with the handler performing any maneuver at any distance.

  • Handlers that over handle their dogs and insist on staying very close to their dogs at the entrance. These handlers might lure the dog into the poles or use extreme body language to direct the dogs in effort to help them get into the poles. Again this is a training issue. Here the handler needs to get out of the way and let the dogs “find the entrance” and get on with weaving.

That said, in a trial situation on a tricky approach, at all but the most elite level, it can be wise to not drastically change pace at the moment when the dog enters the poles.

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