Non-English Agility Websites Made Easy!

04 Jan 2010Steve Schwarz

I’ve been looking around the web at foreign language agility websites and I thought I’d pass along how to add the easy to use Google Translate to your browser to translate almost any web page.

It only takes three steps to add Google Translate to your browser’s toolbar:

1. Turn on Your Browser's Bookmark Toolbar

Some web browsers have the Bookmark Toolbar (called the Favorites Bar in IE) visible by default. There is usually a configuration on the View or View->Toolbar menu item. The screen shot below shows where it is on FireFox.

2. Visit Google Translate's Tools and Resources Page

Go to Google’s Translate Tools and Resources web page and scroll to the bottom until you see a section titled: “Get 1-click translations from your browser’s toolbar”:

3. Drag the English Link to your Bookmark Toolbar

Then left click and hold the mouse button down on the language to which you’d like to translate web pages. In my case I want to convert web pages to English. With the mouse button still held down drag the word on to your Bookmark Toolbar. Then release your mouse button. The language should now be visible on the toolbar. That’s all you need to do!

Translate Any Web Page

When you visit any foreign language web page just click on the language name in your Bookmark toolbar and the page will be translated right in place. It is an automated translation so it won’t always translate every page very well and you’ll have to do some deciphering of the translation that is generated. But you’ll be able to understand the gist of the content. Here is a translation of a German agility web page:

Another nice feature of Google translator is that once you’ve translated a page all other links you click on that page are automatically translated.

Have Your Own Website?

I wanted to make this website more accessible to non-English visitors. I followed the instructions in the “Make your website instantly available in other languages” section on Google’s Translate Tools and Resources web page to add their translate widget to every page of this blog. The language selector in the top right corner of every page allows every pages to be translated to the selected language.

With the Translate Bookmark literally the whole world of dog agility is open to you. Take a look around and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the information available.

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