Agility Practice Journal Entry

11 Aug 2004Steve Schwarz

This is a back dated post about Wednesday night practice with Dana Pike. I really enjoyed the course, it was big, open, and flowing. The opening was just like a Jumpers course. If I recall correctly, there were six or seven jump spread over almost 75 feet before a 90 degree turn into the weave poles. In total there were 24 or 25 obstacles.

It was just the type of course that, due to his speed, I have the most trouble handling with Milo. Mr. Peabody moves along at a quick but steady pace and as long as I give him good cues and stay ahead of him he can negotiate most courses. Milo, on the other hand, can have explosive speed and if I’m at all late with a cue he’ll decide what obstacle to take next (which is as it should be). He also tends to run wide especially as he picks up speed. Consequently, this open course let me work on my timing while both of us were running at speed.

Lessons Learned - Practice Items

  • Mr. Peabody
    • Stay well ahead especially when cueing rear crosses
    • Give him more room before weave poles to find the entry
  • Milo
    • Earlier front cross cues
    • Right side weave entries
    • Be more aware about when I'm pushing on his line
    • Reinforce desired teeter contact behavior

The tight, twisty courses can be technically challenging but, as I told Dana, bring on more big, open courses!

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