Marj Kibby Blog - Choose and Raise a Puppy

20 Aug 2005Steve Schwarz

I just recently became aware of Australian Marj Kibby’s blog Choose and Raise a Puppy. If you browse her blog you’ll see her discuss choosing puppies, her thoughts on various breeds when it came to her selection of a puppy, and discussions of the important issues to consider in selecting and raising a puppy.

Marj also has a number of discussions of the approaches/views of professional Agility/Dog trainers Greg Derrett and Susan Garrett. She has quite a bit of material on clicker training as it relates to Agility too. This is going to be a good resource for all Agility and dog training enthusiasts.

I’ve added Marj’s blog to my daily blog reading and I’m looking forward to spending more time digging into her back postings too. I’m glad there is another interesting dog training/agility blog on the web.

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