15 Dec 2004Steve Schwarz

In my ongoing search for Agility related weblogs I found ::THEFLINTBLOG::. The site doesn’t say who the author(s) are (Crissy and Sandy) but they are certainly interested and involved in Agility and dog training. I’m already sucked into how their young rescued Border Collie pup, Flint, is progressing.

I’ve added ::THEFLINTBLOG:: to my Blogroll of dog related weblogs and will start going through their back posts, it looks like they have some interesting articles posted. Check Flint out!

19-DEC-2004 Update

No sooner did I post this that this site went away. Hopefully ::THEFLINTBLOG:: will return soon…

21-DEC-2004 Update

Crissy was kind enough to reply that ::THEFLINTBLOG:: is only on a temporary hiatus. I’ll post a note when it returns.

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