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01 Aug 2008Steve Schwarz

Recent visitors to may have noticed some small colorful images fading in and out in the left margin that appeared a couple weeks ago.

I’ve just launched a small online store selling dog agility related items I’ve dreamt up.

At the beginning of the year I created AgilityNerd LLC, the company that owns the store, and now I’m an employee of AgilityNerd LLC. That was an interesting learning experience, I had never started a company before and my lawyer helped guide me through the process. I’ve spent the rest of the time learning and configuring the software that runs the website (Zen Cart) and getting my first products made. The later was an ordeal that gives me new respect for the folks at CleanRun.

The first products I’ve created are Positive Performance WristbandsTM. I had the idea for them after attending a Lanny Bassham seminar a couple years ago (that I never got around to blogging about…). Lanny makes a point of having his athletes regularly rehearse positive affirmations that are specific to their performance. It got me thinking about positive affirmations that would benefit agility teams.

I was really struck with the idea of a wristband as the mechanism for reminding the handler of their affirmations. Each time you reach down to attach or remove your dog’s leash or pet your dog you would see the message(s) on the wristband. Seemed like a natural place to put the positive messages we all want to have in our minds when we are practicing and competing. The three wristbands I’ve created are the outgrowth of those thoughts. Since then I’ve had some more ideas that might make their way into other wristbands.

I’ve given some wristbands to agility trainers at whose seminars I’ve attended as thank you gifts, so you might see some of them sporting these wristbands too.

So please visit the AgilityNerd store. It also features an email newsletter for which you can sign up that will let you know about new products as I develop them.

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