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20 Jan 2020Steve Schwarz

It was difficult for folks reading this blog on phones or tablets to find my affiliate link to Clean Run. I’d have folks mention they wanted to purchase from Clean Run after reading a blog post but, when they came back to the site, they couldn’t find the Clean Run link.

So this past weekend I added links to Clean Run and the AgilityNerd Facebook page right below the photo on the top of almost every page:

Clean Run and AgilityNerd Facebook link locations
Clean Run and AgilityNerd Facebook link locations

In case you are wondering, the “AgilityNerd Empire” of websites: AgilityNerd, Agility Course Master, Dog Agility Search, Agility Jump Height Calculator, and Agility Courses are hosted on several big-name web hosting services. Together they cost about $110/month to run. I receive about $40/month in advertising and referral money and that helps a lot in covering those costs.

To reduce my hosting fees, I’ve been changing the software I’m using and moving to cheaper hosting services. My upgrade of AgilityNerd’s software let me move it from an expensive hosting service to a nearly free one. I’ve started rewriting Dog Agility Search and AgilityCourses to move them to lower-cost hosting also.

A big thank you to you if you have purchased from Clean Run through my links in the past! I hope you’ll consider AgilityNerd when you purchase from Clean Run in the future.

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