Tunnel and Tunnel Bag Cart/Mover

24 Jan 2020Steve Schwarz

I was practicing at Anne Riba’s Apex Agility a little while ago and saw these clever carts for moving tunnels, tunnel bags, and storing them. They were made for her by one of her students and she kindly let me share some photos:

Tunnel and Sandbag Carts
Tunnel and Sandbag Carts

Here is a side view of one of the carts:

Side View of a Tunnel and Sandbag Cart
Side View of a Tunnel and Sandbag Cart

I don’t have any plans or dimensions for them but here are some design considerations:

  • Non-pivoting rear wheels and pivoting front wheels. If all four wheels pivot it is harder to steer.
  • The handle is fixed to the platform not the front wheels. That makes this simpler to build than something like a kid’s wagon where there is a pivoting assembly under the platform.
  • The length of the platform depends on how many sandbags you want to move (or are strong enough to move!!) at a time. Figure out how much they will all weight and make certain your wheels are rated for the load.
  • Don’t make the PVC tunnel support too much taller than your longest tunnel is collapsed. It can be awkward to get the tunnels on/off the PVC support.

I hope this might inspire you to build your own tunnel/sandbag movers. Please share your solutions!

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