Dana Pike Weave Entry/Exit, Straight Tunnel Challenges

03 Jul 2020Steve Schwarz

Dana Pike always has fun and challenging courses. During the pandemic she's been creating medium and small space practice sequences to keep her student's skills sharp. I set up her medium space course in my back yard, it has some great weave pole entry and exit challenges!

It took Snap! and me multiple training sessions to get our skills sharp enough to handle it clean!

Here are Dana’s courses:

50 x 60 Course
50 x 60 Course
40 x 40 Course
40 x 40 Course

Dana was inspired by these Birgitta Hermansson sequences:

Birgitta Hermansson Training Sequences
Birgitta Hermansson Training Sequences

If you set up the medium space sequence you should also run all of Birgitta’s sequences. That’s six sequences for one setup!

Birgitta posts a lot of fun and challenging sequences in her Agilitycourses (BiH) Birgittabanor Facebook group. Definitely join and check it out!

Here are Snap! and me with our first not so successful and then our first successful attempt at the medium course:

This was a lot of fun to run and there were many challenges and lots of ways to handle them. Big thanks to Dana and Birgitta for letting me share these courses!

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