Dana Pike Masters Training Sequence - Video

24 Feb 2024Steve Schwarz

I enjoyed running this Dana Pike training course and I think you will too! It has a little bit of everything and is a great way to work on your handling skills.


Dana Pike/Steve Skills Sequences

25 Nov 2022Steve Schwarz

I loved running Spark on Dana Pike's skills sequence at this week's class and she kindly let me share it. I've added two more sequences to give you three jump-only skills sequences for a long narrow space that let you work on jump wraps, 270s, back side slice/wrap, and a threadle.


"Jumperified" Dana Pike Advanced/Masters Sequences

15 May 2022Steve Schwarz

I've removed the contact obstacles from the Dana Pike Advanced/Masters class courses, that I posted recently, for folks who have a slightly narrower space or who don't have contacts. These sequences will test your skills!


Challenging Dana Pike Advanced/Masters Sequences

06 May 2022Steve Schwarz

Two challenging Dana Pike Advanced/Masters class courses that will test all your skills!


Dana Pike Weave Entry/Exit, Straight Tunnel Challenges

03 Jul 2020Steve Schwarz

Dana Pike has been designing medium and small space at home practice sequences for her students. She let me share these great weave pole entry and exit challenges!