Dana Pike/Steve Skills Sequences

25 Nov 2022Steve Schwarz

I loved running Spark on Dana Pike’s skills sequence at this week’s class and she kindly let me share it. I’ve added two more sequences to give you three jump-only skills sequences for a long narrow space that let you work on jump wraps, 270s, back side slice/wrap, and a threadle.

Here is my recollection of the jump layout. As always, adjust the spacing/location for safety.

Dana Pike Skills Sequence
Dana Pike Skills Sequence

Handling notes to consider:

  • Minimal lead out? Running!
  • Front/Blind cross 2-3
  • Push to back side at obvious end of jump 4
  • Handle turning both right and left at jump 5
  • Blind on the landing or take off of jump 7
  • Rear cross the approach to 9

Here are two more sequences I created from Dana’s obstacle setup:

Steve Sequences
Steve Sequences

I’ve put some handling challenge notes on the diagram.

I hope you enjoy setting them up and running them!

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