Dana Pike International Skills Class Course/Video

22 May 2015Steve Schwarz

Dana Pike always has fun and challenging class courses, but I really liked one subsequence of a recent course for all the different ways it can be handled. So I set up the "Fun-est" part in my back yard and shot some video of Flyer and me running it.

Here’s Dana’s full course:

I setup the section from 3-9 to play with and video tape:

Here are some notes on the rest of the full course:

  • 1-4 the main challenge was getting around the wing of jump 3 before the dog got there. Lead Outs are a good thing to train for situations like this... the handler only needs to get near jump 2 before releasing the dog; but one could lead out all the way to the landing of jump 3.
  • Originally I handled 1-4 with Flyer on my left and Rear Crossed Learning the Rear CrossRear Cross the take off of 4 and pushed him to the Back Side Handling the Quad Back Side - Patrick Bucher Course/VideoThe Connection Between Threadles and Back SidesBack Side/Back Side JumpBack Side of Jump Handling Combinations - Video of 4. But I like to try unusual handling approaches...
  • For 9-10 you really want to be definitely ahead at the exit of 9 or plan on being behind. Being in-between is a very bad thing. Ideally you turn your dog right over the double 10.
  • Either Blind, Front Cross Learning the Front Cross - VideoFront Cross the end of the weaves or Rear Cross Learning the Rear CrossRear Cross the beginning of them to put your dog on your right coming out of the weaves. That way you can easily Push your dog to the Back Side of 13. Then run dog on right to the take off of 15.
  • Rear Cross take off side of 15.
  • "Curly Q" to Blind Cross 17 (wraps the dog 360 around the near side jump wing and dog start/ends on handler's left). Dog on left to teeter.
  • Push to Back at 20 and again at 21.
  • Finish the push at 21 with a Front Cross and either a "forced" Front Cross on the take off of 22 or say on the landing of 22 and Push to the Back side again.

This was a lot of fun to run and there were many challenges and even more ways to handle them. Big thanks to Dana for letting me share her course!

I had a little extra time and designed some smaller space versions based on this sequence that I’ll post for you in a few days!

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