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18 Dec 2009Steve Schwarz

I sent emails to some agility lists but didn’t have time to update my blog with details of a cool new feature I added to As you may know, I’ve recently expanded Googility to include browsing and searching Clean Run articles and issues. I’ve extended that to allow anyone to add links to blog posts, videos, and web pages about specific Clean Run articles or issues.

If you’ve ever written about a Clean Run article or whole issue or videotaped an exercise you can now add a link to your web page to that article or issue within Googility. That means people who browse search results will now see those links and can visit your web page(s) to see your thoughts on the subject. Google’s search engine will also index those links. You don’t have to be the author to add a link!

It only takes a couple clicks:

  1. Search the periodicals for the article or issue.
  2. Click on the article(issue) link.
  3. Click on the link near the bottom of the page named: "Add a related blog/web page/video to this article(issue)".
  4. Fill out the fields in the pop up window and click the button.

To stop spammers I review every link and, once approved, your link will appear on the article(issue) page and on a new page of all articles/issues with related content:

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to help other agility enthusiasts find your Clean Run related materials.

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments

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