Linda Mecklenburg's Awesome Paws Website

07 Jun 2008Steve Schwarz

Top agility competitor and trainer Linda Mecklenburg now has a website. That in itself isn’t notable, now a days most trainers have an online presence. What I like about Linda’s site is she is including some very useful reference information.

The information is a little hidden. At the bottom of the Agility Service - Instruction page there is a link to “Online Instruction”. Here is a direct link. That page has three sections:

  • Course Handling Analysis
  • Handling Discussion
  • Library

It is worthwhile studying all the material Linda has placed under these sections. While her approach, like all top trainers, evolves slightly over time, even her oldest articles have a lot of value. Her explanations can be on the technical side because she is trying to be accurate in her descriptions.

I just came back from Linda’s camp where she, Wendy Pape and Ann Braue each taught one day. I found them all to be very positive trainers and very helpful to all levels of competitors. Wendy and Ann’s approaches (at least at this camp :^) are compatible with Linda’s handling system. I’d definitely recommend training with them and learning more about Linda’s handling system.

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