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11 Oct 2007Steve Schwarz

Like all performance dog parents, every now and then I need to identify one of our dog’s bones, ligaments and/or muscles. With some help I’ve found a wonderful and reasonably priced reference book.

When I started searching for a dog anatomy book I discovered the classic veterinary text: Howard E. Evans’ Miller’s Anatomy of the Dog. Apparently it is pretty much the definitive text on the subject. Unfortunately, it has a list price of over $110. I tried to find a used copy but wasn’t successful. So I was pretty much ready to buy a copy when it struck me to ask around for other options.

I was fortunate enough to get a recommendation from Suzanne Clothier for Elliot Goldfinger’s Animal Anatomy for Artists. I never would have thought that a book geared toward artists would have the amount of detail for which I was looking. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. But it makes sense that a conscientious artist would want to know exactly how an animal they are painting or drawing moves and how it’s bones and muscles are arranged.

Each muscle and ligament is drawn in multiple views and its purpose/action described. The author systematically presents each muscle, ligament and bone and does so for horses, dogs, and oxen. A number of other animals are also depicted. I found the similarities between all the different animals to be very interesting.

This book isn’t the kind of book that I plan to read cover to cover, but when I need an anatomy reference it sure will come in handy. This is a very good reference at a reasonable price. So a big “Thank You!” to Suzanne for her knowledge of all things dog related.

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