Adequan Canine for Milo

26 Nov 2005Steve Schwarz

Last week during our bimonthly chiropractic checkup of

Mr. Peabody and Milo at TOPS Veterinary Rehab, Dr. Laurie McCauley, DVM found that Milo's right wrist was "crunchy". He had been licking it occasionally, usually after vigorous exercise. We think he is only seven years oldso I was a little surprised that he could have cartilage wear/breakdown so young, but this is probably due both to genetics, his athletic intensity and a complete disregard for his own physical safety. I keep saying it over and over "Milo goes to 11"...

“Dr. Laurie” recommended we put Milo on Adequan Canine as she has seen great results in performance dogs using this drug. It is an intramuscular injection with a eight dose front load. It is given twice a week for four weeks. Then it is given periodically after that to maintain joint health.

It sounds like this drug has few side effects compared to NSAIDS and actually increases fluid production in the joints and repairs damaged cartilage. That is really the kind of treatment we prefer over the pain killers and anti inflamatories normally prescribed. Here is an article from a Scottish Deerhound site that also extols the virtues of this drug. Here is a more complete description based on Luitpold Pharmaceuticals’ information.

This is yet another case where having performance dogs requires owners to be extra vigilant in the care of their partners. Being attuned to your dogs and paying attention to changes in their normal behavior is very important.

Locating high quality speciality veterinary care is also critical to your teammate’s long term health.

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