Milo T-Shirt

03 Mar 2008Steve Schwarz

Nancy has a real gift for capturing the personality of our dogs. I particularly like some of the sketches she has made of Milo and Mr Peabody. I’m hoping some day soon she’ll create an illustrated book of “her” story Milo Hears a Bear, her sketches for it are really wonderful.

So I was surprised and wowed a couple weeks back when she made me a hand silk screened t-shirt with a great caricature of Milo:

Milo T-Shirt

Milo T-Shirt

I think she really captured Milo’s “Milo-ness”. Take a look at his pictures from a little while back and I think you’ll see what I mean.

So I’ve been proudly wearing my Milo shirt to our classes and a number of folks expressed an interest in getting their own Milo shirts. Nancy had always talked about making shirts from some of her dog art, but didn’t expect anyone but us to want a Milo shirt. So we are looking into making some Milo shirts; maybe this can turn into a little business…

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