Mr. Peabody and Milo's Daily Menu

24 Nov 2005Steve Schwarz

I have trouble keeping track of the food, vitamins, and supplements that Nancy feeds the “boys” (Mr. Peabody and Milo). The table below lists their total daily intake that she splits over two meals. Of course I am not recommending anyone else try these medications at these or any other levels without consulting with their veterinarian or nutritionist. Some of these vitamins and supplements can cause diarrhea at our dog’s dosages; they have built up to these levels over time.

Taking the time to write up a list like this is useful for other reasons too. It can be helpful when you visit your veterinarian or a specialist and they need to check for interactions with other medications.

 Mr. PeabodyMilo
Solid Gold1 1/2 C 
Canidae 1 7/8 C
Vitamin C1000 mg (2 caps)500 mg (1 cap)
Super Oxy Green1 tablet1 tablet
CoQ1060 mg (2 caps)30 mg (1 cap)
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)50 mg (1 cap) 
MSM1000 mg (1/4 t)1000 mg (1/4 t)
Glucosamine/Chondroitin1500 mg1500 mg
Cetyl Myristoleate550 mg (1 cap)550 mg (1 cap)
Super Vision2 caps (6 wks on 1 wk off)1 cap (6 wks on 1 wk off)
Prednisolone Acetate 1%Good eye - Alternate 1x and 2x daily; Bad eye - 1x daily 
Cranberry850 mg (2 caps) 
D-Mannose1/2 t every third day 
NN-DMG125 mg (1 cap)125 mg (1 cap)
Omega 3 Plus Oil1/4 t1/4 t
Coconut oilscant tscant t
Colostrum1/2 t1/4 t
Prozyme1/2 t1/2 t
Wheat Germ2t2t
Brewers' Yeast2t2t
Wobenzyme2-3 divided doses in between meals, before bed when possible2-3 divided doses in between meals, before bed when possible
Chinese Mix1/2 t 
"Calming" drops 3 drops 2x
Fresh Fruit/Vegetables  
Banana1/4 AM1/4 AM
Berry Mix2T1T
Carrot1 med1 med
Spinach1/4 cup1/4 cup

So while I’m eating reheated pizza, the boys are eating organic berries, carrots, spinach and yogurt…

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