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17 Dec 2006Steve Schwarz

My quiet little suburban area doesn’t have street lights or side walks so I walk Meeker on the edge of the streets (it is pretty safe as we’ll only see a couple cars on our walks). This time of year it is dark before and after work so I worry about drivers not being able to see us on our walks. So I thought I would pass along some products I came across.

I got a recommendation from another dog trainer for the Rufflective Cuff that fits over the dogs collar or fur. It isn’t a collar, it is a wide, brightly colored elastic band with a reflective strip. The nice thing about it is its width should keep it from sinking into fluffy coated dog’s fur and being obscured.

I ended up buying Reflective Bands for around the dog’s legs from KV Vet Supply. They have a Velcro strap that is used to adjust their diameter. I like the fact that the reflective strips move up and down while Meeker walks making them more visible than a stationary reflector.

I was ready to order a Rufflective Cuff when Nancy found a braided reflective collar at Target but they don’t list it in their online store. Since the reflective tape is on each of the three cords that are braided together the reflective tape wraps all around the collar, reflecting light from all directions. It is quite visible regardless of the direction of the light. The only downside of this collar is the hardware isn’t very substantial, so I just put it on in addition to Meek’s regular Premier martingale collar. One thing I did notice about the small diameter braid is it tends to sink into his neck fur. I might still get a Rufflective Cuff since its wider width will keep it on top of his fur.

Reflective Leg BandsReflective Collar and Leash

About a week later, again at Target, Nancy found a matching leash with a reflective strip along its braided length. So now I think we might be suitably reflective when marching about in the dark. Maybe some of these products will be of use to you as well.

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