AgilityNerd Results Blender 2.1.0 Released

24 May 2024Steve Schwarz

AgilityNerd Results Blender, for amazing viewing your UKI scores, version 2.1.0 is RELEASED. Here’s a video explaining the new “Skipped titles” button:

🔥 Get info and installation instructions at AgilityNerd Results Blender. 🔥

Here are the release notes describing all the changes:


On the New Titles tab there is a new switch called “Skipped titles”. By default this switch is toggled on. The tab will display all the titles that the dog has skipped over on their way to their current level. This can happen if you accidentally move your dog up before they’ve earned one or more titles. Or it can happen when you’ve earned a title and a score doesn’t get recorded. If it bothers you to see the skipped titles, you can toggle the switch off and they will be hidden.


The blender icon is now displayed lower on the Trial document view page so it doesn’t cover the print and download buttons.

If a dog has earned a title at a level, but has not yet earned any points at the next level, the next level’s title will now be shown in the Next Titles tab.

An empty Metallic titles table was being shown on the Next Titles tab on the table view. This table is now hidden until the dog is in the Champ level (even though they are earning points from their first level they can’t realistically earn metallic titles until they are at the Champ level).

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