Fritz, The Blind Frisbee Catching Dog

30 Dec 2004Steve Schwarz

I hope you’ll forgive me my lack of Agility posts lately. I’m pretty distracted by Mr. Peabody’s eye problems.

One of our concerns is that when he finally goes blind we want him to have as active and happy a life as possible. We’ve gotten a lot of good suggestions from friends and found out others who’ve lived with blind dogs. We’ve heard a lot of good tales with promise for the future.

Nancy found the following NPR audio story that really warmed my heart.

Writer and reporter Scott Carrier relates the unusual story of a blind dog named Fritz, a loveable German Shepherd, who loves to play Frisbee. Trouble is, Fritz is blind — but thanks to the dog’s keen sense of hearing, he’s still able to catch the flying disk mid-air, at least most of the time.
Copyright and Source: NPR

Listen here (hear!)

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