Meeker's First Injury...

21 Jul 2007Steve Schwarz

Well crap, crap, and crap! Meeker and I were playing in the backyard in the morning this past Tuesday. We had been playing Frisbee and were wrapping up our playtime with a couple A Frame contacts before going for a walk. After the second contact I threw the frisbee for him and as he started to run he slipped on his right front leg in the damp grass. He went down and came up limping on his left leg.

So that was it for running and playing. So I gave him a Traumeel and 1/4 of an Ascriptin (buffered aspirin) with his breakfast. Since then I’ve been icing his leg and continuing with the Traumeel and aspirin (although now I’ve stopped with the aspirin).

I already had an appointment for him with Dr. Share Siwek for his itchiness late Wednesday, so I got her opinion on what was wrong. She brought in one of her colleagues and they believe it is a slight muscle or tendon pull in his right foreleg. They are recommending at least a week of no jumping or strenuous running. So we pulled out of all classes and I’m keeping Meeker from playing too much with his brothers.

What makes this injury even worse is the weather here this weekend is absolutely gorgeous: highs in the mid 70s, low humidity, and sunny with a nice breeze. Normally all the dogs would be out in the yard running and playing and we would be doing a little agility training. But I’ve been through serious rehab twice with Milo and the last thing I’m going to do is do anything to risk injuring Meeker any further.

As of Thursday I couldn’t see any hint of limp in his gait, but IMO BCs have so many strange movements and changes in their gaits that it is hard for me to see the subtle change. The soonest I could get an appointment at Tops Vet Rehab was this upcoming Tuesday (the irony being I had just cancelled an existing regular chiropractic appointment there since I got him in for his monthly adjustment just last weekend). So I’ll keep him on leash walks and just some free (non running) play with Petey and no running, classes, or jumping until they see him.

His quick return to a normal gait is a promising sign that this might not be anything serious…

Updated 2007 Jul 27

I posted an update on Meeker here.

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