Meeker's First Injury... Updated

27 Jul 2007Steve Schwarz

As I wrote last week, Meeker had a slight limp after playing in the yard. I visited TOPS Vet Rehab and, as usual, they were able to nicely diagnose his injury and give me a plan for his recovery.

After watching Meeker move Dr. Christine Jurek felt his injury was on his left front. That leg was the one that stopped him from falling. She gave him a thorough going over and found that he had a slight knot in his left tricep. Which makes sense since those muscles would have felt the most stress as he tried to keep from falling when his right leg went out from under him.

She felt all his tendons and joints in his front end and didn’t find any soreness. “Dr Christine” gave him a chiropractic adjustment and found him a little out of adjustment in the front (which also makes sense) but also tight in his pelvis. But he wasn’t too out of adjustment.

So Meeker’s recovery plan is:

  • Stretching/massage of his tricep for not more than five minutes once a day. Continue with Traumeel.
  • This week I can introduce some jogging so he can start stretching his tricep.
  • Next week he can do low jumps and contacts (not the A Frame) as long as he doesn't take sharp corners.
  • The following week he can start weaving and return to normal activities.

Meeker has been looking fine and he is extending his stride nicely in our little jogs worked into our daily walks. Of course he likes his massages and stretching too.

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