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22 Jun 2008Steve Schwarz

Back in December Nancy Reyes, the thoughtful owner of For Your Canine, had photographer Karen Hollis of Sirius Pet Images come in and secretly take pictures of the dogs in day care. She then gave each dog’s owner a calendar with a picture of their dog as a holiday present.

Well Karen’s photo of Petey was so cute that we had to get bigger pictures. So Nancy, that’s Petey’s Mom Nancy, got me an 8x10 of the little monster last month:

Copyright © 2007 Sirius Pet Images

Doesn’t it remind you of a picture you’d get of a kid graduating from grammar school? Or a yearbok photo? All cleaned up, smiling, and looking innocent. When we know the truth…

It reminded me of a similar photo Sheri Berliner of Petraits Pet Photography took of Milo years ago:

Copyright © 2005 Petraits Pet Photography

Most likely to…

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