Backyard Agility LED Lighting

05 Apr 2020Steve Schwarz

I replaced two old halogen yard lights with modern outdoor waterproof LED lights to extend our training and playtime into the dark winter nights.


Tiny Space Training Sequences/Drills

29 Mar 2020Steve Schwarz

All my training sequences and exercises for tiny spaces with no or only a few obstacles.


Backyard Dogs Practice Sequences - 2019 Mar

21 Mar 2020Steve Schwarz

My March 2019 Clean Run magazine Backyard Dogs courses for small spaces require a wide range of handling skill and have some of my most challenging sequences yet! Also includes a setup using 12 weave poles.


My Home Agility All Season Practice Area

15 Mar 2020Steve Schwarz

How I converted part of my yard into an all season agility practice area and what I'd do differently next time.


Landing Side, Non-Obvious, Off-Flow Obstacle Approaches

01 Mar 2020Steve Schwarz

I explain why trainers use these terms for when they need to direct their dogs to take the side or end of an obstacle that is not directly in their path. There are more than just "Threadle" and "Back Side" elements.


Backyard Dogs Practice Sequences - 2019 Jan

26 Feb 2020Steve Schwarz

This is an expanded version of my Backyard Dogs article originally published in the January 2019 issue of CleanRun. These sequences contain a full range of handling challenges including some interesting tunnel to weave and weave to tunnel entrances.


Dan Butcher PSCA Premier Std - Cool Bidirectional/BackSide

27 Jan 2020Steve Schwarz

Dan Butcher's Pyrenean Shepherd Club of America Sep 21 2019 Premier Standard course with video of Flyer and I trying it out. A fun and flowing Premier course with a great bidirectional jump to back side challenge!


Tunnel and Tunnel Bag Cart/Mover

24 Jan 2020Steve Schwarz

Check out these clever homemade carts for moving and storing tunnels with their sandbags.


Agility Nerd Speaks! Training Tuesday Video Interview

14 Jan 2020Steve Schwarz

During the 2019 USDAA Cynosport Games I was interviewed about my training strategy, mental preparation for a run, and a common challenge for competitors. The video was just released.


USDAA Please Require Four Paws on the Ground Before Calling an Off Course

06 Jan 2020Steve Schwarz

This contact performance is considered an off course/standard fault by some USDAA judges. I'd like them to move inline with the other agility organizations.