Dearlove Nested Class Course - Apr 11 & 18 2005

07 Apr 2005Steve Schwarz

I’m basing these class courses on a drill I dreamed up a few weeks ago. The same equipment setup is used for all classes only the obstacle sequence changes.

Course Setup

Beginner Class

Course Setup
  1. Discuss the importance of high value treats/toys
  2. Discuss timely treat/toy delivery
  3. Discuss Three Strikes - never let your dog fail any task three times - simplify and reward by the third try!
  4. Emphasize short working sessions
  5. Demonstrate sit, down, stay
  6. Introduce the straight tunnel
  7. Introduce jumps with no or very low jumps
  1. Fast Sits
  2. Fast Downs
  3. Stays

Intermediate Class

Course Setup

Have the handlers walk the course and run it once without a specified handling. Then have them run it again with each of the following handling approaches:

  • Front Cross 2-3, Post Turn 3-4-5, Front Cross 5-6, Post Turn 6-7-8, Front Cross 8-9, Rear Cross 9-10
  • Post Turn 1-2-3, Rear Cross 3-4, Post Turn 4-5-6, Rear Cross 6-7, Post Turn 7-8-9, Post Turn 9-10

Discuss the advantages of each approach with respect to the tightness of the lines to/from the center jump. Does the Rear Cross approach setup the jumps after the center jump better than the Front Cross? Does either approach effect the tunnel as an off course?


  • Jump Wraps using a Front Cross

Advanced Class

Course SetupCourse Setup

Depending on the jump spacing this course will either work nicely or it will be really painful. It is kind of cruel on the first night of classes this season…but it will get everyone’s head back in the game :^)

As usual have the handlers walk and run it anyway they like. Then propose handling it by staying in the middle between the odd numbered jump and the other jumps. Keep the following in mind:


  • Lateral Lead Outs

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