Stacie Cwik Inspired Small Space Sequences

07 Jun 2023Steve Schwarz

I loved running Spark and Snap! on Stacie Cwik's class course last week and the opening/closing made for a perfect small space practice setup. So I mashed the opening and closing together into one sequence and came up with three additional (and challenging!) training sequences.


Birgitta Hermansson Tunnels/Jumps Practice Sequences - Video

26 Aug 2022Steve Schwarz

I always enjoy the practice courses Birgitta Hermansson posts on Facebook. After having so much fun running one of her sequences I came up with three more sequences for the same equipment setup. I also shot some video of me practicing with Snap! and 8 month old Spark for fun.


Practice Sequences Based on Stefanie Semkat's 2022 Polish Open Large Agility

06 Feb 2022Steve Schwarz

Stefanie Semkat's 2022 Polish Open Large Agility course had some challenging handling sequences! I created a smaller layout, with the same spacing/alignment of her three middle jumps, and came up with three sequences so we could practice her challenges at home.


Flyer's and My Emotional Journey to the 2021 USDAA Cynosport Veterans All Around

29 Oct 2021Steve Schwarz

After two years of rehabilitation Flyer got the OK to run in the USDAA Cynosport Veterans Team Event and, even with a few bumps in the road, it was a dream come true. I've included all the course maps and videos of our runs at the big event.


Handling the 2021 AKC NAC Finals Closing Sequence

28 May 2021Steve Schwarz

I set up the closing sequence of the 2021 AKC NAC Finals course and handled it all the ways I could imagine and video taped them. See what worked best for Snap! and me and some handling options you can practice at home.


Tiny Space Training Sequences/Drills

29 Mar 2020Steve Schwarz

All my training sequences and exercises for tiny spaces with no or only a few obstacles.


Dan Butcher PSCA Premier Std - Cool Bidirectional/BackSide

27 Jan 2020Steve Schwarz

Dan Butcher's Pyrenean Shepherd Club of America Sep 21 2019 Premier Standard course with video of Flyer and I trying it out. A fun and flowing Premier course with a great bidirectional jump to back side challenge!